China OEM UPVC Plastic Reducer Coupling with DIN Standard Gray Color Fitting

Product Description

General Information:

1.Raw material: UPVC
2 .Size: DN15-DN400(1/2″-16″)
3 .Standard: DIN and GB
5. Pressure: 1.0Mpa and 1.6Mpa

Features of products:

  1. Light weight
  2. Corrosion resistance
  3. Small friction
  4. Aging resistance
  5. High flame retardant
  6. High strength
  7. Easy installation


  1. The specific gravity is only 1 sixth of that of cast iron pipe, convenient installation and transportation, saving time and labor cost.
  2. Having good acid resistance, alkali resistance and electrochemical corrosion resistance.
  3. Inner wall is smooth, small flow-resistance, anti-fouling.
  4. Good chemical stability, and the normal service life can reach about 50 years.
  5. The flame can extinguish after leaving the fire.
  6. The tensile strength can reach 45 Mpa, the working pressure can reach 1.6 Mpa at normal temperature.
  7. Using glue to bond, no need to process thread, convenient and fast working.

HangZhou VODE Plastic Co., Ltd., located in Xihu (West Lake) Dis. district ,HangZhou city , ZHangZhoug province, China, was founded in 2007. It is a CHINAMFG manufacturer specialized in high-tech, high capability, and high reliability UPVC,CPVC piping system and Ultra filtration Membrane housings in China .

Four series of products can be available in HZVODE. The full sizes and models gray UPVC plastic pipe and pipe fittings; Clear UPVC pipes and fittings; The variety of UPVC Ultra filtration membrane housings models; Light gray color of CPVC pipes and fittings. The quality and safety are paid attention seriously. Important certificates and identifications was acquired including the authentication certificate of quality management system – ISO9001 and the approval of sanitary license . After about 15 years of development and innovation, the scale of factory continues to grow, new big factory with 40000 square CHINAMFG will be built and finished in 2571, production capacity and technical strength will be greatly improved in the future. At present, the company introduces automatic intelligent production equipment. there will be more than 80 sets of automatic production equipment had in workshops.

Today, products made by HZVODE have been exported to Japan, Germany, Russia, Spain, Estonia, Hungry, Turkey, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, South Korea, Viet Nam, Singapore, India, Iraq etc countries. The customers are very satisfied with our products, and we have been building long and stable cooperation relationship by now. In home, large amount of distributors have been set up in ZheJiang , ZheJiang , HangZhou, HangZhou, HangZhou, ZheJiang , HangZhou and other cities. The marketing shares in domestic have accounted for big proportion. HZVODE Brand has become very popular in China depending on reliable product quality, reasonable price and good corporate reputation.

In the future, HZVODE will continue to concentrate on making high-tech, high capability, and high reliability products for customers. We insist that development market with perfect products, CHINAMFG quality and reliable reputation, HZVODE will have a broader and more prosperous future.  

HZVODE attends 3 important water exhibitions every year in China, they are IE expo China in ZheJiang , International Aquetech in ZheJiang and Water treatment in ZheJiang , Sometimes we will attend the Water Exhibition in HangZhou.  the products  on display by HZVODE attracted so many visitors at home and abroad, visitors like the products so much!

HZVODE means HangZhou World. We intend to create Domestic Topping Enterprise and forge World Famous Brands in the future. With about 15 years development, HZVODE  has been adhering to Unity, pragmatism, innovation and high-performance, today’s VODE has made a great achievement . A big new plant will be finished at the end of 2571, fully automatic operation will be introduced by then. Excellent products and high quality services win customer recognition, which have undertaken so many important domestic projects by HZVODE. Meanwhile, the products made by HZVODE become more and more popular oversea, we have built cooperation with some customers from Japan, Germany, Spain, Russia ets countries. We are sure that more and more customers will know VODE in the near future.

HZVODE is specializing in the plastic UPVC gray pipes and pipe fittings, UPVC clear pipes and fittings, UPVC Ultra filtration membrane shells and CPVC pipes and fittings in China. Full sizes and models of pipe system can be available from HZVODE. Products are widely used in chemical industry, water treatment, bio-technology, environmental protection, medicine, construction, paper, food, fire, electricity and other industries. Company has strong technical strength with a team of professional technical engineers and research team. HZVODE have established close cooperative relations with ZHangZhoug University and ZHangZhoug University of Technology, which are very famous university in China. With advanced imported equipment and raw materials, the products produced surely satisfy your requirement.

HZVODE is the leading company producing Ultra filtration membrane shells as well as their accessories in China, we have about 15 years of professional experience in these products. Many models can be available in HZVODE. The market share in this products accounts for more than 80% in China, almost all customers in China are using HZVODE brand. OEM and ODM can be acceptable in our company, we warmly welcome all customers to join us and work with you together in future!

UPVC gray products:
UPVC product series contain UPVC full sizes of pipes and fittings. Pipes sizes are from DN15 to DN400. According to different wall thickness of pipes, there are 3 kinds of pipes available in HZVODE. They are 1.0Mpa of water supply pipes , 1.6Mpa of water supply pipes and 1.6Mpa of industrial pipes. Industrial chemical pipes have higher acid and alkali resistance, their wall thicknesses are thicker. Pipe fittings are complete, sizes are from DN15 to DN400, working pressures have 1.0Mpa and 1.6Mpa. Fittings have Elbow, Tee, Coupling, Valve, Union, Flange, Cap, Cross, Reducer, Y type Tee etc. The products are processed from formula, production and processing, packing and finally shipping, every procedure is strictly controlled by HZVODE, we strive to be perfect in every detail, and provide every customers with excellent products.

UPVC clear Products:
Depending on the current market demand for transparent products, the sizes of clear products are from DN15-DN150, namely outsize 20mm to 160mm. Clear products have UPVC clear pipes with sizes from 20mm to 160mm, UPVC clear 90 degree Elbow, UPVC clear 45 degree Elbow, UPVC clear Tee, UPVC clear Coupling, UPVC transparent Cap, UPVC transparent Male thread Adaptor, UPVC clear Union as well as UPVC clear Valve. Clear products adopted with UPVC pure raw material to produce, it has higher requirements for product technology, a high transparency, clarity, strength are required, and there are no defects on the products. Every exhibition, transparent products become a highlight on the stand, attracting many customers to visit.

Ultra filtration membrane housings:
HZVODE is the main provider of Ultra filtration membrane shells as well as their accessories for Ultra filtration field in China, we have about 15 years of professional experience in these products. The sizes have 2″, 4″,5″,6″,8″,9″,10″ and 12″ etc. Many models can be available in HZVODE. The market share in this products accounts for more than 80% in China, almost all customers in China are using HZVODE brand. OEM and ODM can be acceptable in our company, we warmly welcome all customers to join us and work with you together in future!

1.What is your MOQ?
No MOQ, any quantity is acceptable in our company.

2.What is your delivery time?
The time of delivery is around15-20 days.

3.What is the shipping port?
We ship the goods via HangZhou and ZheJiang port.

4.What is your payment terms?
30% T/T in advance,70% at the sight of copy of B/L.

5.What is the location of your company?
Our company is located in the HangZhou, ZHangZhoug ,China.
We are warmly welcome you if you would like to have a visit.

6. Are you a manufacturer or trading company ? 
Yes, we are a professional manufacturer in UPVC and CPVC products, and have almost 15 years. 

7.Can you accept OEM or ODM?
Yes, OEM is welcomed, and also we cooperated with lots of customers according to your need. 

8.Why choose us?
Because of professional, responsible, strict with things, excellent goods, competitive price, short of time answer, fast delivery. Warmly welcomed in Germany, Japan, Spain, Russia, Canada etc market.

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reducer coupling

Can a Reducer Coupling be Threaded or Welded onto Pipes?

Yes, a reducer coupling can be either threaded or welded onto pipes, depending on the specific design and intended application. The two methods of connection offer different advantages and considerations:

  • Threaded Connection: Some reducer couplings come with threaded ends, allowing them to be easily screwed onto the pipe ends. This type of connection is convenient for systems that may need disassembly or reconfiguration in the future. Threaded couplings can be installed and removed without requiring specialized tools or welding equipment. However, it is essential to use thread sealants or Teflon tape to ensure a tight and leak-free connection.
  • Welded Connection: In some applications, it may be more appropriate to weld the reducer coupling onto the pipes. This method provides a permanent and robust connection that is well-suited for high-pressure or critical systems. Welded joints offer excellent strength and sealing, making them less prone to leaks compared to threaded connections. However, welding requires specialized skills and equipment, and the process can be more time-consuming and irreversible.

The choice between threaded and welded connections depends on various factors, including the system’s pressure and temperature requirements, the pipe material, and the level of permanence desired. Here are some considerations for each method:

  • Threaded Connection Considerations:
  • Quick and easy installation without the need for welding.
  • May be suitable for low to medium pressure systems.
  • Threaded joints may require periodic inspection and re-tightening to maintain their integrity.
  • Potential for leakage if not properly sealed or maintained.
  • Welded Connection Considerations:
  • Provides a permanent and reliable connection.
  • Well-suited for high-pressure and critical systems.
  • Minimal risk of leakage when welded correctly.
  • Requires skilled welders and proper welding equipment.
  • Difficult to disassemble or modify once welded.

When choosing between threaded and welded connections for a reducer coupling, it is crucial to consider the specific requirements of the system, as well as the available resources and expertise for installation. Consulting with qualified engineers or professionals can help determine the most suitable connection method for a given application.

reducer coupling

What Are the Differences Between Reducer Couplings and Other Types of Pipe Fittings?

Reducer couplings are a specific type of pipe fitting used to transition between pipes of different diameters. Here are some key differences between reducer couplings and other types of pipe fittings:

1. Function: Reducer couplings are primarily used to join two pipes with different diameters, allowing for a smooth flow transition between them. They ensure a leak-proof connection and maintain the flow capacity of the larger pipe while accommodating the smaller one. On the other hand, other types of pipe fittings, such as elbows, tees, and crosses, are used to change the direction of flow, split the flow into multiple directions, or combine multiple pipes into one.

2. Diameter Transition: The main distinguishing feature of reducer couplings is their ability to connect pipes with different diameters. Elbows, tees, and crosses do not serve this purpose and are not designed to transition between different pipe sizes.

3. Shape and Design: Reducer couplings are usually short in length and have a cylindrical shape. They may have different ends to accommodate the different pipe sizes, such as a bell and spigot or a male and female end. In contrast, elbows have a curved design to change the direction of flow, and tees have a T-shaped configuration to split the flow.

4. Usage: Reducer couplings are commonly used in applications where the pipe size needs to be reduced to match the flow requirements or to fit into a specific space. They are widely used in plumbing, HVAC systems, and various industrial processes. Elbows, tees, and crosses, on the other hand, are used to create complex piping systems and direct flow in specific directions.

5. Installation: Installing a reducer coupling involves a straightforward process of fitting the two pipes into each end of the coupling and securing them with appropriate fasteners or welding, depending on the coupling type. Elbows, tees, and crosses may require more planning and adjustment to achieve the desired flow direction and connection.

6. Versatility: Reducer couplings are versatile in that they can be used to connect pipes of different materials and can be found in various materials such as PVC, stainless steel, and brass. Elbows, tees, and crosses are also available in different materials, but their primary purpose is not to transition between different pipe sizes.

In conclusion, reducer couplings are specifically designed for joining pipes of different diameters, providing a smooth and efficient flow transition. While other pipe fittings like elbows, tees, and crosses serve different functions in directing flow or combining multiple pipes, they do not offer the same capability to connect pipes of varying sizes.

reducer coupling

Types of Reducer Couplings for Various Applications

Reducer couplings come in various types and configurations to suit different plumbing and piping applications. Some of the common types of reducer couplings include:

  • Threaded Reducer Coupling: This type of reducer coupling has external male threads on one end and internal female threads on the other end. It is used for connecting pipes with threaded ends of different sizes.
  • Socket Reducer Coupling: A socket reducer coupling, also known as a solvent-weld reducer coupling, is designed for use with plastic pipes, such as PVC or CPVC. It is used to join pipes with different diameters using solvent cement.
  • Compression Reducer Coupling: Compression reducer couplings are used for connecting pipes with compression fittings. They provide a leak-proof connection and are commonly used in water supply systems.
  • Flanged Reducer Coupling: Flanged reducer couplings have flanges on both ends, and they are used for connecting pipes with flanged ends of different sizes. They are often used in large-scale industrial applications.
  • Push-Fit Reducer Coupling: This type of reducer coupling is designed for quick and easy installation without the need for any special tools. It is commonly used in plumbing systems that utilize push-fit fittings.
  • Expansion Reducer Coupling: Expansion reducer couplings are used in systems that experience thermal expansion and contraction. They allow for the dimensional changes without causing stress on the pipes.

The choice of the right type of reducer coupling depends on the specific application, the materials of the pipes being connected, and the joining method used in the plumbing or piping system. It is essential to select a reducer coupling that provides a secure and reliable connection while ensuring smooth flow transition between pipes of different diameters.

China OEM UPVC Plastic Reducer Coupling with DIN Standard Gray Color Fitting  China OEM UPVC Plastic Reducer Coupling with DIN Standard Gray Color Fitting
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